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We would like to introduce ourselves to you, and give an explanation of our purpose. In Hungary – in the middle of Europe, and in its capital, Budapest, we are the only Jewish community of the region believing in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), with the name and mission of “Shofar”.

Our community’s vocation has two directions: firstly we take part in gentle evangelizing work, in order to help Jewish people to know and understand their identity; through the testimony of our lives they can recognize the truth that their Messiah, who will return, and we are waiting for, is Yeshua.

In our teaching we stand aside from all approaches that damage the identity of Jews, or want Christians to become Jews only through practising customs and culture. We proclaim everywhere that the Torah and the Living Word, Yeshua HaMashiach, have to be in the center of the congregations. We believe that the Chosen People, accepting HaShem (the Eternal One), have to recognize and accept Yeshua, as a Saviour and HaMashiach, as a King coming in the proper time, chosen by God. We teach people from other nations that they have to be grafted into the root of the Olive Tree (Romans 11,17).

Nearly 200,000 Jews live in Hungary and our Lord has opened every door for us to them. They know our beliefs and still accept us with love. Our ministry has a task to raise the Flag (Nissi – Ex17:15) and fight against the spirit of Babylon, Edom and Amalek, that is worship of idols, Humanism, New Age ideas, and the will of the flesh(1Pt 2,11).

Secondly we believe that every ministry is only complete if it works on three levels. It has to fulfill spiritual, mental and physical needs. Thus a Charity Foundation is a part of our congregational life, which aims to reach the poor, principally amongst Jewry. God opens new doors, and in this field we have reached the Jewry of Transylvania (in Romania), Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia. During this charity work we lead Jews, one by one, to the truth of their identity and to God. We believe that in the ordained time our Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach will also be revealed to them. Moreover our purpose is that Jews get to know God’s plan and purpose, that is, they have to return to their Land, to their home, which is Israel.

Our activities are getting heavy in all the three levels mentioned above, and we increasingly appreciate Satan’s attacks because he wants to frustrate God’s plan; so our congregation and ministry need more and more brothers and sisters, prayers, spiritual, mental and physical help. We ask all of these things because more and more false teacher-groups with Jewish titles, groups with Christian/ Messianic titles, are intent on destroying God’s plan developing in Central Europe.

If it is in your heart and the Holy Spirit leads you, we hope for and welcome your brotherly love, spiritual, physical help and mostly your help through your prayers.

SHOFAR Messianic Jewish Community Believing in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ)


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